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Accompanying Schools

Through the implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI), Project Difference helps schools address their students’ differences and facilitate their learning through evidence-based multisensory methodologies and classroom strategies stemming from years of practical experience. Project Difference offers a cost-free analysis of the school’s current situation. If the school wishes to enter into collaboration, the following comprehensive 10 step Accompaniment program begins:

  1. Initial meeting and subsequent situation analysis
  2. Agreement to collaborate and creation of RtI team (ERTI)
  3. Drafting of Action Plan with school leadership
  4. Action Plan presentation (school faculty and parent organizations)
  5. Initial training in learning differences for the entire faculty
  6. Implementation of multisensory methodologies in core skills
  7. Universal screening through multisensory methodologies
  8. Implementation of RtI and classroom strategies for behavior
  9. Continuous evaluation through multisensory methodologies
  10. Summary, dissemination, and identifying areas for improvement

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